Walker Art Center | 1750 Hennepin Ave. | Minneapolis, MN | 55403
Architect: Charlie Lazor

FlatPak is a modular prefabricated system for residential architecture designed by Minneapolis-based Lazor Office. Charlie Lazor began his exploration of prefabrication in 2002 through the creation of a home for his family. The resulting prototype—a two-story, three-bedroom, three-bath house with a separate study and guest room—was completed in 2004 and launched as the FlatPak series. As the name suggests, the system evokes a do-it-yourself attitude by offering owners a wide range of choices and a hand in the layout of their spaces. For instance, one could choose glass, wood, concrete, or metal panels to create a wall, depending on function and location. In this scheme, the homeowner does not assemble the house but rather becomes an active participant in its design. Numerous configurations are possible because FlatPak is based on a simple 8-foot-wide, 1-story-high wall panel. There is no fixed length and up to four stories are poss ible. This one-story, one-room version of FlatPak was originally commissioned as a display space and has been modified to serve as a visitor center and education area.

Photo by Gene Pittman.

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